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Uninstall Ad-aware 2007 Pro

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i don't mean to sound like an idiot too much....but, i wrote lavasoft about not being able to configure real time at start-up. they attributed the problem to corrupted files and instructed me to uninstall and reinstall.


this is their uninstall instruction:


You can un-install the program, by going to:

Start > Programs > Lavasoft > Ad-Aware 2007 > and click on Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007


i can get as far as: Lavasoft > Ad-Aware 2007 ... at this point, i can't see anything that even remotely suggests "uninstall". is it me?!


they go on to say,


Once the software is uninstalled please restart the system.


Then download the software again and re-install it, and register it again.


You can download the software from the support center from the 'your

licenses' tab.



this sounds like one of those "just follow the yellow brick road" instructions - but "They" offer no heursitics about what to do when i encounter a fork in the road .... so, are these instructions as care-free as lavasoft makes them out to be, or will i be spending the next 6 days trying to recover from the attempt? (by "restart the system," i assume they mean "reboot"?)

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Hello nweissma,


The Start Menu options for AAW 2007 should look like this:




It is quite possible that the original download was corrupted - select "Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007" and then follow the rest of the instructions.


Should you encounter any problems, please email the details back to Support by replying to their original email - that will allow them to see at a glance what instructions you have already been given.





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i did not see the link, but rather was looking for a button.


at any rate, i did eventually find the uninstall link, as you pictured, and the adaware pro appears to be working perfectly.

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