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Ad aware keeps finding notepad.exe every time my computer boots up again

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Every time I reboot my computer and then run Adaware it finds two suspicious files called notepad.exe

For example. I will turn off the computer and then restart and then run AdAware and again it finds these files

What is causing that? any body have that same problem?


using xp pro

2 gig ram

320 gig hard drive

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Hello wonderingtoo,


Could you please post the results of your Adaware scan so we can where and what it is finding?


Please can you make sure that you are using

Ad-aware SE Build 106r1

Note: If your version is 6.0 and not the SE, you need to uninstall and get the latest version from the above link.


[if not Uninstall your old Ad-aware first then install SE]

Then use the WebUpDate

to get the latest Definition file

SE1R113 28.06.2006

To do this Open Ad-aware

Click the WebUpDate

button at the top right hand side of the Ad-aware screen (The world globe).

Click "Connect"

Ad-aware will then download the latest Definition file for you.

To make sure it is updated , look at the main

Ad-aware screen, and look under "Initialization Status"

It should say the Latest Definition file.

then scan doing a "Full Scan"

and then post your logfile here by using the Add-Reply Feature .

As Logs are stored in :

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-aware\Logs\.

An easy way to get there is to

click Start,

click Run

And type in and press ENTER: %appdata%

then click Lavasoft

then Ad-Aware

and then Logs.

scroll down to find the latest one that you have

(by date & time)

and open it right Click select all

copy and then paste the contents of it here.

(Make sure that all of your Logfile has been posted, sometimes it will require two post's to get it all)

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