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ATTENTION: Ad-Aware SE Personal users

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Hello Ad-Aware users,


If you are still using Ad-Aware SE personal and you notice that your program no longer updates it is because the new version of Ad-Aware 2007 Ad-Aware 2008 Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is now available.

EDIT 20 Jan 2009: Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition is now the latest version.


See for more info.


Edit 01 Jun 2008: Ad-Aware 2008 is now the latest version of Ad-Aware. This topic is now outdated.

Use the following link to get the latest version of Ad-Aware

Free, Plus and Pro are all available for operating systems Windows 2000, XP and Vista


This information below is not outdated, use the link above to get the latest version of Ad-Aware

The SE version has expired effective December 31, 2007 but you can download to the new Ad-Aware 2007 here:


If you are a paid user with Plus or Pro please login to the Support Center here:


And check for the links on the left hand side to download your license for the upgraded version.


We have noted a number of people wondering why SE has expired. Here is the answer!


We realize there is a lot of sentiment for the old SE version of Ad-Aware but frankly it is simply obsolete. It was designed back in something like 2002 when malware was much different than the malware issues we face today. It was woefully inadequate against today's newer threats and Ad-Aware 2007 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to deal with these new threats.


Take a good look at what is new depending on what version you are using:


What's New In Ad-aware 2007 Free


What's New In Ad-aware 2007 Plus


What's New In Ad-aware 2007 Pro


There are many more reasons for this new version :)


I'm sure that if you think about the difference in the malware scene and operating systems of today you can see why the old SE which no longer performs up to par and has been rebuilt to the new Ad-aware 2007


Edited 01 Jun 2008 to reflect the latest version of Ad-Aware 2008 now available

Edited 18 Jun 2008 correct topic description [yxxxx]

Edited 20 Jan 2009 for AAW AE [GoddersUK]

Edited by GoddersUK

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