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How Do I install manually downloaded Updates Defenition Files

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I am having problems with my computer where I keep getting errors that pop-up on my screen saying "programs have encountered errors and need to be closed..." (ex: "QBUpdate Module has encountered a problem and needs to be closed...", or "JUSched.exe Module has encountered a problem and needs to be closed..."). I am assuming that I have some sort of Malware issue:


1. So before I run an Ad-Aware scan, I tried to get the latest updates for the Definition Files for Ad-Aware SE that I had installed, I was not able to connect through the Ad-Aware SE console and download automatically - I get an error When I click on the Update Button.


2. I then un-installed Ad-Aware SE and Installed Ad-Aware 2007, thinking that I would get the latest definition files with that install. The definition file version were 0045.0000.


3. Again, when I click on "update" to automatically update the definition files through the Ad-Aware 2007 console, I get the same error (Ad-Aware 2007 Module has encountered a problem and needs to be closed...).


4. Finally, I manually downloaded the latest posted definition files on te Lavasoft site (0055.0000 ), but am not sure how to install these updates.


Pleae help - additionally, any info on the reason why I get the errors (ex: Ad-Aware 2007 Module has encountered a problem and needs to be closed) would be very helpful.




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