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Microsoft Live OneCare Conflict

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Beginning with the January (31) 2008 update for Microsoft Live OneCare users, the OneCare program has been advising a conflict with Ad-Aware which requires Ad-Aware users to uninstall the program to remove the red warning in the system tray from the OneCare program. See this topic:

Compability with Microsoft Live One Care


After contacting Microsoft directly, MS has responded that the conflict warning will be removed in the April update to Live OneCare. We did receive the following message from Kelly Sieben, Sr. Escalation Policy Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Based on additional investigation conducted on our end, we have concluded that an update is warranted for Windows Live OneCare that will remove the “At Risk†designation for users running the both OneCare and the current version of Ad Aware.


I would like to stress that this doesn’t mean that we will not notify the user of potential application compatibility issues when running both. It only means that once the update is completed, Ad Aware will no longer be rated as an “At Risk†application.


This update is currently scheduled for mid April and will affect all new and existing users running OneCare.

While the Onecare software may still alert the user to compatibility issues, it should no longer produce the "at risk" warning

that requires removal of Ad-Aware. The only conflict that may arise is when scanning with Ad-Aware and Onecare simultaneously. Therefore to avoid any compatability issues, we do advise, as we always have, to scan with your security software programs only when you have temporarily turned off your other security programs from realtime scanning. See this FAQ:

Does program X have a conflict with Ad-Aware or vice versa?


Edit: UPDATE on the current state of the Microsoft LiveOneCare conflict and their schedule to remove it, is posted on the Lavasoft Blog. For details, please see here:


In a nutshell:


It will be in two stages:

* The false positive tagging of Ad-Aware as an ‘at risk’ application will be fixed with an update they intend to send out in April.


* The requirement of uninstalling Ad-Aware before OneCare will install will be fixed in their update scheduled for June-July.

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