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Ad-Aware SE Professional

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I know that Ad-Aware SE Professional has been discontinued because of the other posts. My last update was on 04/19/2008.


How am I supposed to update my definitions now?

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Some time ago I was notified to upgrade my Ad-Aware SE Pro to Ad-Aware 2007 on my existing licence.


I did that ... so I thought.


However I have not seen any change to the SE Pro user interface, so perhaps my upgrade did not 'take'? Core application is still described as 1.06r1 Professional.


Updates continued to arrive as normal, until the last one which was on 02/04/2008 ... 24 days ago at this writing.


Now when I try to update the reference files the retrieval progress meter stops at 5% every time, "Error retrieving update", and update status remains at 24 days out of date.


I've looked at the Updates forum here and the data there are not in a form that I can manually feed to my Ad-Aware program.


I've found my way to my licence info here and it confirms:


Ad-Aware 2007 Professional



Ad-Aware 2007 Pro


September 12th, 2008


When I select "Download Software" it keeps looping me back to Login (which I'd already done).


All I want to do is update my security but am not having any success.


I have at my fingertips all the data from when I upgraded to 2007, (ID Reference NO, Registration key NO, and confirmation that my Ad-Aware 2007 Professional expires September 12th, 2008).


I seem to have been funneled into a dead-end. How do I break this impasse?

Edited by Jothanan

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Hi Jothanan :D

Just sent you a pers. message too.

Have a look in your Inbox. ( My Controls ).

I'll close for now.

If you need further advice pls start a NEW post.


Raziel ;)

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