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I am considering upgrading to Pro/Plus, and have a few questions about extra features and Ad-Watch...

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I am considering upgrading to Ad-Aware Plus or Pro, and I have a few questions about extra features and Ad-Watch...



Q. What is the benefit of upgrading my Ad-Aware product?



A. Upgrading to Ad-Aware Plus or Pro automates the process of searching for malware and spyware, freeing up your time to focus on other important things in life. One of the largest benefits of upgrading from our Personal freeware version to Ad-Aware Plus is the Lavasoft Ad-Watch real-time spyware monitor, giving you security and peace-of-mind that your computer is protected every moment that it is connected to the Internet. Ad-Aware Plus also includes registry protection, which prevents sneaky attempts to modify the start-up sections in your Windows registry, often consuming precious system resources like memory.


Ad-Aware Professional includes all the added features of Ad-Aware Plus, as well as the exclusive Lavasoft Process Watch module which allows you to view, scan and stop all running processes. Additionally, our Professional version allows you to run spyware scans in the background so as to avoid interruption of other programs you might be working with. As a Professional user, you'll also receive reliable and uninterrupted high-speed access to the extensive Lavasoft Definition File Updates through dedicated servers for our Pro customers. If you are interested in having absolute control over the settings of your software, then the Ad-Aware Professional version is for you.



Q. Does Ad-Aware SE Plus conflict with other anti-spyware programs such as SpySweeper or SpyBot?



A. Conflicts may occur now and then, especially when running two real-time monitors at the same time. This is simply because one application that has spyware signatures in memory can appear malicious to another that is looking for those same signatures. If this happens, the Lavasoft Ad-Watch real-time monitor provides a 'white list' option that will help to avoid these types of conflicts. If you are certain that the spyware is just a case of 'mistaken identify' with another program, then open Ad-Watch and begin running, then open and run your other scanners. If they are flagged by Ad-Watch, simply click "Accept" when prompted and you'll add the application to your white (ignore) list.

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