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PCTOOLS.COM Spyware Doctor now installing google toolbar!

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Hello everyone.


Most of the programs that bundle toolbars, and adware, and programs that keep track of your data and invade you, are always detected by lavasoft adaware, but spyware doctor isn't? even though the new spyware doctor from just started installing the google toolbar on user's computers through it's installer from thier website. Why isn't spyware doctor detected even though other programs that bundle any toolbar are? and when will it be added to the definitions?


Note: If lavasoft will not add it, then I need a good explanation as to why it will not be added, since other programs I have downloaded from the web get detected, that install toolbars with user's permission and with a privacy policy just like google? will they then be removed from the database so that lavasoft will not be sued in this case for favoring one toolbar over another since it is google? as to being afraid to be removed from thier search engine?



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