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Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007

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I have free Ad-Aware 2007. Recently I decided to install 2008 verision, so I followed regular rotine, cControl Panel, Remove Program and when I clicked remove Ad-Aware 2007, I saw progress bar "collecting data"or something similar and then ... my computer got rebooted. I tried several times.

Then I decided to re-install it over. I was getting a message "installation of previous version is in progress" ???

Well, at this point I decided manually remove program. I changed *.exe and *.dll attributes and removed whole directory. I assume that files in windows/System directory would become idle.

Ops, it seems that this is not a case. There must be file or files which still prevet me to install newer version.

I am still getting a message "complete"or "finish" previous installation or something similar.

Does anyone know, which files needs to be removed in order to get rid of this problem and install newer version?

I assume that this file is in System or System32 directory.

I have Windows XP home version and use both Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Any help, please?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regard


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Hi Apasadyn,


I did not have the free version but Plus. H/ever had no problem with uninstalling. I think the procedure is the same in each version. After uinstalling, then try to install 2008 version which I assume you have already downloaded.

Bear in mind that the 2007 version should be uninstalled before installing the 2008 version.

Don't know why you are receiving the messages quoted.


Good Luck



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Try using this free tool from microsoft, it's called windows clean up utility and may work for you.


Download from here:


Then save to your desktop > install it > run


Then see if it finds ad-aware (7.0.2.x) if it does click remove.


Then please go to (in XP) C: Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data and delete the Lavasoft folder

or in (in Vista) C: Program Data and delete the Lavasoft folder

Please note that these are hidden folders.


Reboot and try to install 2008,


let us know how that works,



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