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Install Guide for Ad-Aware 2008

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Install Guide for Ad-Aware 2008


This guide is a list of necessary actions to properly install Ad-Aware 2008. If you require instructions for uninstalling go to the


1. Go to the Lavasoft product page to download Ad-Aware 2008. If you do not want to use the first link stated on the page, click the More Download Sites tab underneath the Download box. A list of more sites that offer Ad-Aware 2008 will open up.

2. When you have gone to the site of your choice, shutdown all security software on your computer (Firewall, Antivirus, Spyware, and Adware) before beginning the download. This is important! Security programs can block or interfere with the file download. Leave your security programs off until the installation process is finished.

3. Click on the download link and choose to save Ad-Aware 2008 to your desktop. Begin the the download.

4. Be sure that you run Ad-Aware as an Administrator or log on with Administrator rights.

5. Click Finish when the process has completed.

6. Turn your computer's security software back on.

7. Reboot your computer, even though this is not required, then start Ad-Aware and update it.

If Ad-Aware is not functioning properly after the install or an error is produced, here are some tips follow which may get Ad-Aware to function correctly.




Uninstall Ad-Aware.


1. Go to the Start Menu>Control Panel>Folder Options>View>click the box to "Show hidden files and folders" then click 'Apply' then click 'OK'.


For Vista Users:

Go to your main drive (usually labeled C) and find C:\Program Files>Lavasoft and delete the folder. Click on the go back arrow then find C:\ProgramData>Lavasoft and delete the folder .


For XP Users:

Go to your main drive (usually labeled C) and find C:\Program Files>Lavasoft and delete the folder. Click on the go back arrow then find C:\Documents and Settings>All Users>Application Data>Lavasoft and delete the folder.


2. Go back up to the install guide and follow everything starting with step 1, but choose a different site to download from.


3. Reverse step 1 to 'Do not show hidden files and folders'.





If you are still getting an error message when trying to install Ad-Aware, or it is not functioning properly, then there are uninstaller programs available from Microsoft that can be used to assist in cleaning up the remnants of previous installs that could be corrupting the new installation.

The Windows Installer Clean Up utility will help remove any files that could be corrupting the install.

Take time to read it and see how it works then run it after an uninstall. When it has completed repeat at step 1 of this Install Guide

The second is a improved installer from Microsoft. This tool only applies to XP, Vista and certain Windows servers.

This link gives a detailed description of the installer.

You can download it from here:

Once installed you can start again at step 1 of the
or step 1 of this Install Guide, which ever may apply to your situation.


If you are still experiencing problems with Ad-Aware after following these steps, feel free to post on these forums asking for further help or seek a computer technician to see why your computer is malfunctioning.








This is not an Official Lavasoft Post and was written by its members to help users with issues of installing Ad-Aware. Special thanks to casey_boy who started the idea of a guide and also to the forum's Valued Members and Lavasoft Staff for the previous posts from which most of this information comes from, a very special thanks to yxxxx, Pierre67, lynz and casey_boy for their help and editing skills in rewriting unclear parts and fixing errors in both guides, written by Txnnok.

Edited by casey_boy
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