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Access violation in safe mode

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is saying to run aaw-at least the older versions- in safe mode.

but i get this


access violation at adress 00403423 in module adaware...

blablabla adress 00000008


tested in my ide-raid(one main drive, one swapdrive). in restricted and administrator account.

with and without spybotsd(cleaners used), will test also with normal installation



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hi europanorama,

First of all, have you enabled AdAware to autoscan in safe mode? I am not sure if that would make any difference, but it might be worth trying to allow it.

In the screen shot here it is disabled, but if you click on it, the red X will change to a green checkmark.


The next thing I notice is that the instructons in your link are specifically meant for computers that are already infected with malware. The reason that it is reccomended to run programs like AdAware in safe mode when removing an infection is this because some malware programs set themselves up to run at windows start-up which can interfere with security programs. When running in safe mode, only a few essential programs and services start so AdAware- and other-malware removal tools- are able to detect and delete malicious processess when they are not running. It is not necesary to run AdAware in safe mode if you are just doing routine scans and you are not aware of any specic infections on your computer.


If your comuter is infected then it is possible that something is affecting AdAware even when it runs in safe mode and that could be causing the access violation error message you are seeing. Best thing to do in that case is post a Hijack This log in the appropriate forum;

If you do not have a malware problem you might want to try un-installing AdAware and then re-installing it. I know some users did experience access violation errors during full scans (not in safe mode) that seemed to be due to corrupted installs, the presense of old files and various other reasons. Uninstalling the corrupt version and re-installing it seems to solve the issue. Check the guides at these links;


Follow the instructions carefully if you decide to try re-installing, it is important that all steps be performed in the order they are listed.

Good luck, please post back and let me know if anything here has solved your problem ^_^


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