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How many scans are needed to remove malware?

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My PC had a lot of annoying pop ups on it, ran very slow & tended to crash. It had been running one of the 'peer to peer' music sharing programs with low security settings etc. (windows XP). To try & sort it out I eventually managed to download the latest update of Ad-Aware 2007 & have run 10 full scans & several fast scans one after another. The first few scans ran very slowly but showed over 100 infections of all types, spyware malware etc. The numbers fell after each scan & the annoying pop ups have now gone. However the last 3 full scan results still show 6 - 8 Malware items with TAI scores of 10. I have not connected to the internet or run any other program whilst doing these scans. How many scans will I need to run until my PC is clear of critical objects?

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