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Using Windows Task Scheduler to Run an Auto-Scan

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I am using Ad-Aware SE Plus.



In the Windows Task Scheduler I have used the command below to attempt to schedule an automatic update AND automatic scan to run at 2:00am each morning.



"C:\PROGRA~1\Lavasoft\AD-AWA~2\Ad-Aware.exe" / full + nodefnotice + update


I used the Command Line Parameters indicated in the help menu. I have to use the quotation marks or Windows will automatically change the forward slash to a back slash.


What should happen is that at 2:00am each morning, Ad-aware SE Plus should automatically check for updates and automatically run a scan on my computer.


However, here is what actually happens at 2:00am each morning.


1) The Ad-Aware SE Plus program opens.

2) Ad-Aware fails to automatically check for updates

3) Ad-Aware fails to automatically run a system scan.


Basically, I have only accomplished being able to get the Ad-Aware program to open at 2:00am. I can't get Ad-aware to automatically check for updates at 2:00am or automatically run a scan at 2:00am.


Using the Windows Task Scheduler, How can I program Ad-aware SE Plus to

1) Automatically check for updates at 2:00am and

2) Automatically run a system scan at 2:00am.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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