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      Support for the following products is handled by the Lavasoft support team: Lavasoft Tuneup Kit Lavasoft PC Optimizer Lavasoft Driver Updater Lavasoft Registry Tuner Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Lavasoft File Shredder Lavasoft Digital Lock

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Is this product real?

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I used to be a very happy Lavasoft customer a few years ago. And I'd really like to be one now.


It alarms me to see what was a very good product and company appear to disappear into a black hole in the internet. I thought I might contact a support person - can't. I wanted to trial a product (the registry tuner) but can't.


I don't need a firewall or antivirus (have these and they work fine) but would like to get a pest scanner - or rather, see if the current product(s) is worth installing.


Long gone are the days when it was no big deal to install something and remove it if you did not like it. We are all security conscious and each faltering installation brings us a little closer to more hassles.


So ... what happened to lavasoft and the products that did work well?


I see claims of millions of downloads and yet see precious few people on the user forum. This is a very damning sign. I cannot contact a real lavasoft support person - leaving me to wonder if all that is left are a few sales folk to pump out volume.


The logo is much the same. The names are pretty much the same ... is there nothing to back it up?


Customer with money to spend here ... knock, knock - anyone home?


Cheers ... really sad.


Mike (Australia)

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Hello Mike,


Are you asking about Lavasoft Registry Tuner? That is not a pest scanner, it is a registry cleaner. Yes, it is real for those that are looking for a registry cleaner and/or additional Lavasoft Products.


If you are looking for the Lavasoft Ad-Aware line of products they are all still here, on the products page:



Support Staff doesn't monitor these forums because support for paid products is available via the Support Center



That is if you are needing assistance with a paid product.

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