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I have purchased Ad-Aware 2007 plus some months ago.

Since I have had problems with updating. Although I shut down Firewall and Antivirus-Program, it didn't work.


I have read that more users had problems with updating. Is this fixed now with Ad-Aware 2008?


If I installed Ad-Aware 2008 ("plus" I guess would be transfered), would I have to delete my other anti-virus software (antivir premium?) since Ad-Aware 2008 plus has an own anti-virus-program? I somewhere read that only one anti-virus program can run on a computer...


I hesitate to delete my antivirus-program though because I am not sure if the updating-probem would be fixed with version 2008... since I am not very familiar with computers it would be a desaster for me then...


Please can you help?! Thanks!


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Hi and sorry for a late response,


For future reference as a paid user you are entitled to use the Lavasoft Support Center (link in signature).


But, seems you've posted - I'll reply :)


Firstly, I cannot guarantee it is fixed with 2008, but it may be. Many issues are and this is now the only supported version. So do update.


Secondly, yes your plus license will be transferred.


Lastly, you can have two anti-virus programs installed. Just to avoid conflict, don't run scans at the same time. Also sometimes, one may pick up something in the others quarantine folder, but this is nothing to worry about.


I hope this answers your questions, post back and let me know,




EDIT: also, just to let you know, you can turn off the anti-virus abilities in Ad-Aware 2008 plus if you were worried or did encounter problems

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