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McAfee Re-install Advises Remove Adaware

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Ad-Aware free version; considering upgrade.

Centrino dual core laptop, 3 GB, lots of empty C space, XPPro service pack 3


McAfee said that I needed to reinstall the Comcast McAfee Security Suite to resolve McAfee problems*. The McAfee download site lists incompatible /uninstall software prior to McAfee Suite reinstall. The incompatible list includes Ad-Aware.


Three Questions:


  1. Do I need to uninstall Ad-Aware free version (I believe it doesn't run except when manually started) before installing McAfee Suite?



  2. Will I have conflicts between the re-installed McAfee and Ad-Aware If so, how do I resolve?**




  3. Will upgrading to Ad-Aware Plus and Ad-Watch after reinstalling McAfee cause conflicts?


Thank you for your help.




*Problem I had with McAfee was occurring when using their file backup utility.


**I noted the forum topic on Ad-Aware scanning McAfee files and the suggestion to go to "Services". I shut down Ad-Aware and clicked on the Ad-Aware services.exe which presented a blank DOS screen. ???)

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1. If you are running the free version of AAW 2008 there is no reason why you could not remove it before installing the McAfee software.


2. I really don't know as I run AVG Pro.


3. Install free version of AAW 2008 and see if any conflicts arise.


Post back with results.

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