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Michael Allred

Multiple error messages with ad-aware 2008 today

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I was going to run a scan today and have run into multiple problems with AW2008 (the free version.)


Here's a few error messages I've gotten today:


"system error: 1814 has occured. description: could not login to service. are you running this application as another user? application terminates."


"scanner error: 5002 has occured. description: can't start full scan, scanner is busy."


then when I finally was able to update ad-aware and start a scan, I opened up my IE browser and got this message:


"an error as occured in ad-aware 2008. component: TTimer. message: access violation at address 00403E3B in module 'ad-aware.exe'. write of address 00000000"


I've never had any real problem with ad-aware before but today is another matter entirely.

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