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Software Updates

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Software Update 8.0.2

Released January 29, 2009

  • A fix that decreases scan time
  • Added a splash screen which is displayed when the GUI loads
  • Added the ability to clear rules in Ad-Watch Live!
  • Added the ability to completely turn off Ad-Watch Live! and only use Ad-Aware as an on-demand application. We recommend that Ad-Watch Live! is turned on.
  • Added a new setting to Ad-Watch Live! -- Notify only on important events. Added as a response to wishes from users feeling that they got too many notifications about Registry changes.
  • Added confirmation dialogs to the Ad-Watch Live! rules. Users will now be prompted if they leave the screen without saving changes.
  • Some updates to Chinese and Japanese languages.



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Software Update 8.0.3

Released March 3, 2009



  • If the user selects the "Do not automatically check for updates" setting under "Information Updates" will no longer automatically receive updates to their news feed and MiniMessages.
  • Scan logs exported from the scan results screen will no longer be truncated .
  • Progress bar in "Download Manager" now resets properly after each downloaded file.
  • Incompatibility with AVG and Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live!
  • Incompatibility with SandboxIE and Ad-Aware Ad-Watch Live!
  • Network scanning issue on Windows 2000 is fixed.
  • "Sweep Now" button in TrackSweep is now disabled when no options are selected.
  • When viewing the "Total Statistics" in the "Statistics" tab the "Export" button is now disabled.
  • ThreatWork "Browse" button now appends files to the list.
  • "Perform Actions Now" button in "Ignore List" is now disabled when the list is empty.
  • Empty log files are now deleted automatically.
  • Cookie removal problem affecting some cookies has been resolved.
  • When scan is stopped the message "Scan completed successfully" will no longer be displayed.
  • The "Help" button now works for all languages in Windows 2000.
  • Backspace now works properly in the "Add New Scan Profile" window.


  • Scan logs are now restarted after each scan.
  • Ad-Watch Live! log files now have a 2MB limited file size.
  • Added a help manual in French.
  • Quarantine and Ignore lists are now in the same theme as the scan results screen.
  • Users can now right click on infection names to search for them on the Internet, or copy them to the clipboard
  • Full scan now scans all fixed hard drives.
  • Updates to all translations.
  • Settings window now opens on the correct tab.
  • Several warning and notification messages have been added to improve usability.



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Software Update 8.0.4

Released April 21, 2009



1) Ad-Aware use the wrong language settings when using Japanese installer.

2) When a Scan is in progress, you can navigate to other menus unless you go to the settings first.

3) Cannot save a scheduled profile scan if you only have the default profile.

4) Overlapping text in scan results screen.

5) After a scan finished a window will appear when you press "export scan log" and "Help" doesn't work on that window.

6) GUI fails to launch if one closes Ad-Aware at the scan result screen and tries to open it again.

7) GUI cuts off some Japanese characters in multiline text labels.

8) Inconsistencies when choosing individual clean options in the scan results screen.

9) Can go to Registry Rules tab but not to the Network tab in Ad-Aware Free.

10) Scan selection tab box is not "connected" in the corners.

11) Problem updating, Proxy not working with authentication.

12) Displaying splash screen when an update is running.

13) When performing context menu scan, wrong tab is selected.

14) When you uninstall Opera , you still have the TrackSweep options for it is still active.

15) Hide taskbar icon is incorrect according to Microsoft standard naming convention.

16) Ad Aware fails to remove some cookies.

17) The Question mark is far away from the word Quoi in French Ad-Aware Scheduler.

18) Able running multiple update managers simultaneous.

19) Update manager restarts when updating Ad-AwareAdmin.exe.

20) GUI crashes if you click on the first unsaved task and choose not to save the changes.

21) Scheduler tab is accessible in Ad-Aware Free.

22) Destroying other shell-extensions when browsing the network.

23) "Live!" doesn't have a transparent background when using skin "Gold".

24) The import button does not work.

25) The scheduler tab is in a different color (not grayed out) when a scan is in progress.

26) Even when the software is set to automated updates and gets them, the update status after a week says: Update recommended.

27) GUI crashes if you use punctuation in the schedule names.

28) Profile scan option is unavailable in scheduler if you only have the default profile.

29) TrackSweep stopped working on IE6 after an update to IE.

30) Compatibility issue with Bit Defender.

Edited by casey_boy

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Below are the updates made by the 8.0.5 update:

Released May 27, 2009


1) Updates to Japanese Language.

2) Added error messages to log files when having a connection error.

3) Added error message for failure to connect to service.

4) Update Mini Message to display non Latin characters.

5) Bug fix in Lavasoft news feed.

6) Added scanning engine statistics.

Edited by casey_boy

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Software Update 8.0.6

Released June 17, 2009


Below are the updates made by the 8.0.6 update:


1) Updates to command line parameters.

2) Connection error during the update.

3) Splash screen hangs during start.

4) Minor issues with Japanese languages.

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Software Update 8.0.7

Released June 29, 2009


Problems Solved:

1) Japanese Manual added to the software (can only be checked if you have installed the Japanese version from the beginning)

2) Enhanced White-list for the Ad Watch detection engine

3) Resolved a minor double-click issue in the Ad Watch settings window

4) Redirect links within the software have been changed from https://secure to http://

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Software Update 8.0.8

Released September 21, 2009


Change log:


1) LSDelete not tracking quarantined and restored events.

2) Anti Virus heuristics setting not grayed our if anti virus is turned off.

3) When registering from Free to Plus/Pro Ad-Watch Anti-Virus not turning on by default.

4) Ad-Aware being reported as unsupported in the Windows Security Center.

5) Continual license window appearance on Vista systems.

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