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EReadError Module Ad-Aware bei 00021FE7

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System is a Win ME with IE 6.0 and all security updates. Tried installing Ad-aware multiple times and even cleaned the registry folders. Ad-aware SE personal will install but gives an EReadError Module Ad-aware bei 00021FE7 when you try to run it. Spybot search and destroy version 1.4 is also installed along with Ccleaner v1.27. Ready to wipe the drive and reinstall everything. User previously had AOL 9.0 Optimized on her drive.Please send replies to ************** (PLEASE DO NOT POST EMAIL ADDRESS ON HERE, SPAM BOTS COULD PICK THEM UP!. Thank you, deadindogyears.

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Try the following:


Exception EReadError in Modul AD-AWARE.EXE bei 00021F0B.

Fehler beim Lessen von memof.Lines.Strings: Fehler bei Einfugen von RichEdit-Zeile.


To rectify this situation, you may need one or two files; Riched20.dll and/or Riched32.dll


Either you are missing one or both, or the file version is too old for the requirements of A-AW SE 1.05.


Do a search of your PC, and ensure these files exist. IF they are missing, or are too old as far as their version properties, it may cause that error message to appear.


These files are located in C:\WINDOWS\System in my W98SE computer. You must enable *Show All Files* as these fall under the heading of Hidden and System files. If these files are missing, place them into the proper directory.


NOTE: In some Operating Systems, these files are often located in C:\WINDOWS\System32. Place them wherever they exist (if they exist) if you have older versions than these below.


To enable show all files, do this:


Explorer - View - Folder Options - View Tab

Explorer -Tools - Folder Options - View Tab

Start - Settings - Folder Options - View Tab

Start - Settings - Control Panel - Folder options - View Tab


Also, make sure to un-check "Hide Protected System Files", to be sure you can find them if they do exist.

Now perform the search and see if the files exist and are equal to or newer than mine.


My versions of Riched20.dll and Riched32.dll



Size: 412 KB [421,888 bytes]

Rich Text Edit Control, v3.0




Size: 184 KB [188,416 bytes]

Windows 95 Rich Text Edit Control

Version 4.0.834.839


If you need these because they are non-existent or are older versions, Download them from here:

Riched20.dll and Riched32.dll.

Index page:


Direct Download pages:




The above files will need to be Un-zipped (extracted) using WinZip or a similar Unzipping Utility.

If you do have either or both of these files, but they are older, I'd strongly suggest that you move them or copy them to place for safe-keeping. Create some folder (if you've not one already) and store your original files in there. As a second alternative, you may leave them in place and simply rename them to Riched20orig.dll, and Riched32orig.dll (or Riched20.dllOLD, etc.) and then they will remain where they were originally found, but will not be "actively" used files.


Thanks Chris Fry


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