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Yesterday I tried to open Adaware and got an Error box with the following message:




Occoreu um erro no Ad-Aware 2008!






Access violation at address 0054B4EC in module 'Ad-Aware Exe'. Read of address 00000294


Enviar este informação à Equipa de Suporte Lavasoft ( e tambén o gue fez, para nos ajustar a identificar este erro.

O Ad-Aware termins.

EAccess Violation





Why the message was mostly in Portuguese I do not know, but that is no problem: I understand all the Portuguese and none of the English. I am running the free version, so the URL contained in the message is not going to help.


I think I will download the Anniversary Edition soon, so perhaps this problem will go away, but in the meantime can someone tell me what is going on? Again, I don't need any translation or explanation of the Portuguese--it's quite clear. It's the "Access Violation" I can't understand.



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Hi Haiduk :D

AAW 2008 is obsolete plz run an update to AE, that should solve the problem.


Raziel B)


OK, Raziel, I tried; I really tried. I downloaded AE and opened the exe file. Installation wizard appeared, presented the usual dialog boxes, goosed Comodo firewall into asking me if I should let it do this and that, and everything seems copacetic until suddenly I get a message, do I really want to *uninstall* Ad-Aware. And whether I say yes or no, I never get anything more than an icon that just sits there and ignore repeated attempts to open it.


I found aawservice.exe hiding in Temp and deleted it. Doesn't matter; my attempts to install still end in a query whether to ggo aheaad wiht the uninstallation. And no AE; no Ad-Aware at all.



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plz provide more information about the installed OS and the security software.



Windows XP; Comodo firewall, which I put into "Installation Mode" (there is also that Windows firewall, whatever they call it). Avira AV. Spyware Blaster. Also have SpybotS&D, with the Tea Time "resident," and I think I will uninstall the latter as it seems to slow everything down.


But I never have had this sort of problem with an Ad-Aware update before. In fact the old versions never gave any trouble; it's just the last couple that have been problem children.


And I never heard of trying to install a program and having the wizard switch to uninstall at the end.



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There is an incompatibility between AAW and TeaTimer.

may be you should try this...

-install 'Revo-Uninstaller'*

-install 'Windows Installer CleanUp Utility'* (WICU)

-create a system restore point (you can use Revo)

-uninstall AE wit Revo in the highest mode (advanced)

-run WICU and delete all Ad-Aware references

-push WIN + <R> > type 'cleanmgr'>enter>tag temp.files/temp. internet files/recycler and fire it up


Start a fresh download and install !! disable all security software during both processes !!

Go offline

Before you try to run AE !! disable all security software!!


Before we proceed - let me know what happened.


Raziel ;)

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