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Ad-Ware AE Update - Nothing happens after install

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I have spent a lot of time trying to update to adware 2008 AE. The program will download and install. I am ready to scan the machine so I click on the adware icon, a nice dialog box appears displaying "AdWare anniversary edtion" then it fades away and nothing more happens!


I have downloaded it numerous times, removed it serveral times but results are the same. With adware 2007 at least I was scanning my machine, but now nothing happens.


Have you seen this before?


Running XP SP3.


Thank you,



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Windows XP SP 3 on a 2GHZ CPU with 1.5GB RAM running Zonealarm Pro, AVAST AV, Spybot S&D 6.2 with Teatimer (all these where disabled during installations)


After installing the ad-aware ae multiple times I noticed that the services control panel app in windows shows the aawservice as manual and that the ad-aware ae service doesn't have a file listed to run so that's why it won't work. I dug into the registry and searched for aawservice and found that [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet003\Services\aawservice] is missing the "ImagePath" key that the other controlset's (controlset002 and controlset004, controlset001 didn't have a services branch) have. Since I changed the description key so I could find out which controlset was starting the aawservice I saw that controlset003 was the one my user login was controlling so I added the missing key and put in the path to the aawservice.exe and now the program runs.



After reading the above info I searched my registry for aawservice and found 3 listings





They all had the ImagePath key however two referenced: C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Ware\aawservice.exe

while the third one read: C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Ware 2007\aawservice.exe


I changed the value of the third key to match the other two, rebooted and now it works.


Before I installed Ad-Ware AE I had the 2007 version which I had deleted thru Control Panel/Add Programs prior to installing AE. Apparently this one value in the registry didn't get deleted with the un-install of 2007 or updated with the new install of AE or both.

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