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Richard Budig

Problems getting 2007 to run . . .

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I'm technically challenged, and need help, please.


I started out using SE, but a year or so ago, I downloaded AA 2007 because I had heard it was better, and that SE would be dropped sometime in the future. Right off the bat, AA2007 would not work, or didn't seem to be working, so I continued using the old SE version.


But, when SE was officially dropped, I decided it was time to figure out 2007, if that was possible for a technically challenged guy like me. This time, I started reading the Help section, and discovered that 2007 would not work if there was another AA version operating on my computer. Still, I was reluctant to uninstall SE because 2007 had refused to work, and I didn't want to be left without anything going for me. However, I've about decided I need to do that . . . uninstall the old SE.


Is there someone on the forum who can tell me if this is my main problem . . . if I uninstall the old SE, will AA 2007 begin working?


I'm running Windows XP on an hp laptop with an 80 gig HD and a decent amount of RAM.

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Hello ;)

install 'Revo Uninstaller'*

install 'WICU'* ( Windows Installer Clean Up Utility )


open Revo, locate the SE entry, hit uninstall, create a system restore point,run Revo in the advanced

mode, run Revo till it says that the job is done.


open WICU and delete all SE/Lavasoft references if there.




At last : think about an upgrade to 08 or AE, cause if 07 expires you've the trouble again.

Hope this helps - if not -- post back.

Happy Easter days

Raziel :D

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