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Blue screen of death

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I'm running the followings:


Windows Vista Home Edition / SP 1 (32 bit)

AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 GHz

3 Gig RAM


First problem - I had the trial version installed and it started having errors. It would try to email the error info but couldn't. I had to shut it down manually. I started getting BSoDs so I uninstalled and reinstalled the firewall. I also uninstalled Skype (which I had installed around the same time).


Just had 3 BSoDs today!! And when I started back up from the last one I got an error starting the firewall.


I got this from the log named error:


2009/04/19 21:48:44 [-] driver_client_afw::_io_ctrl IOCTL_AFW_STREAM_PUSH_SEND fault: err: 57h descr: "The parameter is incorrect.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!



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Firstly you say you're running Windows XP SP 1, this is outdated and you should update to SP2/3. You can do this by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update site.


This might solve your problem. If it does not post back and I'll give you some further details.




Edit. Thanks Ad Astra!

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