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LS Jeffery

Software Update 8.0.4

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Software Update 8.0.4

Released April 21, 2009



1) Ad-Aware use the wrong language settings when using Japanese installer.

2) When a Scan is in progress, you can navigate to other menus unless you go to the settings first.

3) Cannot save a scheduled profile scan if you only have the default profile.

4) Overlapping text in scan results screen.

5) After a scan finished a window will appear when you press "export scan log" and "Help" doesn't work on that window.

6) GUI fails to launch if one closes Ad-Aware at the scan result screen and tries to open it again.

7) GUI cuts off some Japanese characters in multiline text labels.

8) Inconsistencies when choosing individual clean options in the scan results screen.

9) Can go to Registry Rules tab but not to the Network tab in Ad-Aware Free.

10) Scan selection tab box is not "connected" in the corners.

11) Problem updating, Proxy not working with authentication.

12) Displaying splash screen when an update is running.

13) When performing context menu scan, wrong tab is selected.

14) When you uninstall Opera , you still have the TrackSweep options for it is still active.

15) Hide taskbar icon is incorrect according to Microsoft standard naming convention.

16) Ad Aware fails to remove some cookies.

17) The Question mark is far away from the word Quoi in French Ad-Aware Scheduler.

18) Able running multiple update managers simultaneous.

19) Update manager restarts when updating Ad-AwareAdmin.exe.

20) GUI crashes if you click on the first unsaved task and choose not to save the changes.

21) Scheduler tab is accessible in Ad-Aware Free.

22) Destroying other shell-extensions when browsing the network.

23) The import button does not work.

24) The scheduler tab is in a different color (not grayed out) when a scan is in progress.

25) Even when the software is set to automated updates and gets them, the update status after a week says: Update recommended.

26) GUI crashes if you use punctuation in the schedule names.

27) Profile scan option is unavailable in scheduler if you only have the default profile.

28) TrackSweep stopped working on IE6 after an update to IE.

29) Compatibility issue with Bit Defender.


Kindest Regards,



Edit. 21st April 09. Correct version information. Casey

Edited by LS Jeffery

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