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ITUNES and Firewall

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I have the following system... Windows XP

I am using Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware and AVG Antivirus

and Lavasoft personal firewall.

I am using Acronis True Image to make "snapshots" of my system so I can

easily go back and load a working version.

I originally had Zone Alarm but unnstalled it before I began.


I Googled the Lavasoft Firewall and Itunes and found an issue.

The moderator did not answer the question but referred the person

to the paid portion of the forum.


I have found no problems whatsoever with my uses and the above programs

except with Itunes and my second generation touch.


If I shut down the firewall I can get the program to run.

If I restore a prior version without the firewall Itunes will run


Any suggestions? I am using all the latest versions of Windows and Itunes.




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i have the same problem: adding itunes.exe including itunes.exe to allow doing all things "anti leak" on your computers helps.

but I dindn't find out which programm is blobked when I try to connect my ##nospam. I addes all applemobilesinc-exes i could find in the folder but it still doesn't work. I've tho shut down lavasoft for the ##nospam.

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XOX - I'm guessing you mean i pod (with no space) - thats an anti-spam feature :)


Try contacting Lavasoft Support Staff through the support center - they should be able to help out.



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