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Command line scan in Ad-Aware AE free edition

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I am using the Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition, free download edition, and I am having difficulty getting a scan to work from the command line.


I am running as a user with Administrator privileges. I am able to get the command-line update working, using the command:


C:\>Ad-AwareAdmin.exe update all


(I've omitted the path to the executable for brevity.) When I ran that, a dialog popped up showing the update progress. I did not use the silent option because I wanted to see the progress. I double-checked by opening the Ad-Aware GUI and saw that today's date was shown for the last time of update.


I am not able to get a command-line scan working. I figured I would start with a "smart" scan, since I just wanted to verify that it was working. I first ran a "smart" scan from the GUI to get an idea of how long it would take. It took about 20 seconds to run, scanned about 8200 objects, and found a few tracking cookies. I figured this was a reasonable benchmark.


I then attempted to run from the command line:


C:\>Ad-AwareAdmin.exe scan smart


This did nothing. In the console window, nothing was reported, and I just got the DOS prompt for the next command. This is as expected, since the Ad-AwareAdmin process should be running in the background. An Ad-Aware icon appeared in my system tray, telling me that a scan was running in the background, and then went away after a few seconds. Using Process Explorer, I could see that the Ad-AwareAdmin process has been created, but it is using no CPU and almost no memory. The process just sat there and did nothing (if you're familiar with Process Explorer, you can easily see the difference between an active and inactive process).


The process sat idle, apparently scanning nothing, producing no logs anywhere, etc., until I killed it.


I then opened the Ad-Aware GUI, and it immediately executed a "smart" scan, instead of just opening up the GUI and allowing me to select the actions I wanted, as is normal. The appearance (to me) is that the attempt to run from the command line just set a flag somewhere attempting to initialize the scan, and no action was taken until the UI opened and actually executed the scan.


While the UI was still open, I again attempted to run the "smart" scan, using the same command. The results were pretty much the same this time. A new Ad-AwareAdmin process appeared in Process Explorer, using no resources. The UI immediately showed the "smart" scan running, and as soon as it completed, the Ad-AwareAdmin process also terminated.


The appearance is that the Ad-AwareAdmin.exe command doesn't do anything on its own, as far as running a scan. It seems to just be sending a signal to the GUI, which actually executes the scan. That is to say, Ad-AwareAdmin.exe can just set a flag somewhere and tell Ad-Aware.exe to actually do the scan. So, no scan can actually be executed without the GUI.


Does anyone know a way to actually make a scan run without a GUI?



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