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Ad-Aware installation error 2343

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Today I was prompted to upgrade to this version of Ad-Aware so I downloaded it and on running it has uninstalled Ad-Aware from my computer and after accepting the agreement, choosing English as my language and clicking on Install I receive the error, "Error The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2343."


I have read through other threads on this subject, but am unable to find any where someone has resolved it other than by changing the language from German to English. Mine is set to English by default.

I am running on Vista 64bit with no outstanding updates to install.


I have checked I have the latest version of Windows installer, i.e. I get , "The update does not apply to your system".

I have downloaded from the Lavasoft website and from CNet to no avail.

I have rebooted to no avail.

I have ran as administrator to no avail.

I have chosen the custom install option and unchecked Ad-Watch Live to no avail.

I have changed the language to German from English to no avail.

I am unable to manually install the Ad-Watch real time protection driver as the path C:\Program Files(x86)\Lavasoft\ does not exist.

I have ran Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, but Lavasoft or Ad-Aware is not in the list.


Are there any other things to try? Or maybe a way to reinstall the old version?

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There have been problems installing AE over older versions since the uninstall doesn't work properly. You might have success with Revo Uninstaller first, then a reinstall. Also, somebody else had success by turning off firewall before download and installation:




Hi, thanks for that, but it hasn't worked.

Lavasoft or Ad-Aware doesn't appear in list of programs to uninstall when using Revo.

So then I disabled my firewall and downloaded it again.

Ran it as admin and unchecked Ad-Watch live, but it failed in the same place again.


Anything else I can try?

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Lavasoft or Ad-Aware doesn't appear in list of programs to uninstall when using Revo.

Somebody else mentioned this too, but was able to run it by using Revo's search function.

You could also cleanup manually, that's what I did to uninstall SE before installing AE. I just deleted all files, folders, and registry entries.


Other than that, I'm not sure what's wrong unless you have another security program or malware which is preventing installation? Before installations, I always stop all other processes. If it's malware, you can follow the instructions in my signature to post a HijackThis log and get a diagnosis from one of the specialists.

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