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Failed to Connect to Service

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This topic is for users who experience a Failed to Connect to Service error when trying to open Ad-Aware. For those users with update connection errors, then please read this topic.


For details on why Ad-Aware uses a service; click here. You may be experiencing this problem if your computer is infected with malware. Please run any other security products to see if they detect any malware. If you have other signs which may indicate an infection (such as an unusually slow computer, pop-ups etc.) then start a new topic in the HJT forum and post a HJT log.

Firstly, check to see if the Ad-Aware service is running:

  • Start > Run > type services.msc > enter
  • try and find Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service
    • If the service exists, then check the status of the service and see "How to configure the Ad-Aware Service"
    • If the service does not exist, then see "How to install the Ad-Aware Service".

How to configure the Ad-Aware Service:

If the service exists but your are experiencing the service connection problem it is likely that the service is not running, so we need to configure the service to start with Windows automatically.

  • Right Click on the Lavasoft Ad-Aware service
  • Click Properties
  • Choose Automatic from the Start-up type drop down list
  • Click OK
  • Restart your computer and see if Ad-Aware will run

How to install the Ad-Aware Service:

Sometimes an unsucessful install might not install the service correctly and when this occurs, we need to install the service.


Method 1:

Try and do a clean reinstall Ad-Aware.

  • Uninstall Ad-Aware using Revo on its highest setting
  • Reinstall Ad-Aware
  • Check the service, using the details above

Method 2:

Manually create the service - credit to mnelsoneorm

  • Start > Run > type cmd > enter
  • In the black cmd window, type:
    sc create AAWService binpath= c:\program files\lavasoft\ad-aware\aawservice.exe displayname= "Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service"

    exactly as written here.

  • Restart your computer and see if Ad-Aware will run.

If none of these work, then please feel free to start a new topic in the AE forum and we'll try and help.

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