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New Ad-Aware?

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Hello All,


I wasen't able to send an e-mail to Lavasoft so I had to come here.


My reason for posting is that I think the link for the new Ad-Aware Via the main menu of the previous version ( Ad-Aware Free AE ) and/or Download.com is messed up. As stated I had the previous version and I was prompted to get the newest version. Being happy with Ad-Aware Free AE I did so however I couldn't get it to work. My first scan was way over 3 hrs which was abnormal, so I thought it may be an issue with my Norton. I un-installed AW and turned my security off and loaded AW on and tried to scan again, this time I began with the Smart Scan, an hour passed, then two, then 3.... went to Future Shop came back and it was still scanning 6 hrs, 38 min on SMART SCAN!!!!


I un-installed and went back to the previous version loaded it up with Norton running, did a smart scan it finished in 56 sec and found a cookie. My second scan was a Full scan it finished in 1 hr, 9 min and found nothing of course. This previous version works without a hitch.... and with Norton running. So my previous thought that it ( Norton ) may be an issue is un founded. However I tried it with Norton on and Off with the newest version anyway.


So what the heck is going on with the newest version????? Is it XP friendly? It says it is from Download.com if so I couldn't get it to work. The previous version works GREAT!!! ?????


Maybe someone can fill me in on what may be going on... For now and probably for sometime to come I'm sticking with my previous version.



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