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Ad Aware install problem

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[quote name='casey_boy' post='113320' date='Nov 14 2009, 08:34 PM']The .exe one :)

Before upgrading the install tool I investigated a little more, on sunday I've a little spare time.
My computer insn't cleen.
I have a boring task that activates often: ctfmon. A scan of Hijackthis log defines it as "ctfmon32, parasite variant, CoolWebSearch".
The pocess ctfmon appears in startup options of my computer and it shouldn't.
I remove it, usigng, msconfig, but it appears again and sets up himself as a startup process.
I've cancelled file ctfmon.exe from windows\system32 directory but the task appears any way.
What to do?

Superantispyware doesn't find anything so does avast antivirus.

I join spash screens.

My professional help worked just half way.

Bye and... thaks.

Carlo Edited by cblu18

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