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Ad-Aware 2010 (version 8)

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[b]Please update to the latest version: Ad-Aware 2010 (version 8)[/b]

[quote]With minimal strain on system resources and power-packed advancements to our anti-malware technology, including advanced Genotype detection technology and a rootkit removal system to protect against hidden threats and stealth attacks, Ad-Aware gives you the power you need to protect your privacy and security, so that you can use the Internet how, when, and where you want! Plus, new community-based initiatives surrounding the release, including community-driven skins, translations, and plug-ins, put even more power in your hands. Power to the people!

Here's a closer look at what you will find in the new version:[list]
[*][b]Comprehensive Malware Protection[/b] - Powerful protection to keep you safe from today's toughest threats.

[*][b]New! Genotype Detection Technology[/b] - Based on heuristics, the new Genotype technology allows Ad-Aware to stay one step ahead of today's ever-evolving threats, as well as threats that have not yet been created.

[*][b]New! Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection[/b] - Extra Sensory Protection allows you to go a step beyond detecting known threats - the heuristics detection finds and blocks unknown and emerging threats and stops deceptive malware and cyber thieves before they attack your personal information.

[*][b]New! The Neutralizer[/b] - Lavasoft's new advanced removal tool combats malware that attempts to restore itself even after rebooting your system.

[*][b]New! Do Not Disturb Mode[/b] - Stay protected while enjoying games or movies online - without the irritating interruptions or strain on system resources that other security software programs cause.

[*][b]New! Download Guard for Internet Explorer[/b] - Download Guard provides an additional layer of protection that lets you download files on Internet Explorer confidently.

[*][b]Mininal Strain on System Resources[/b]

[*][b]New! Simple Mode/Advanced Mode[/b] - We know that not all users have the same needs, so we give you the power to decide how you want to interact with Ad-Aware.

[*][b]Rootkit Removal System[/b] - Deep level rootkit technology to uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools.

[*][b]Lavasoft ThreatWork Alliance[/b] - Improvements to ThreatWork allow the alliance to help provide the best protection possible against the newest and most relevant threats.

[*][b]New! Community-Driven Translations & Custom Skins[/b] - Make Ad-Aware your own. The new format of the user interface allows you to edit and upload translated text for others to use, or create your own skin.

[*][b]New! Community-Developed Plug-ins[/b] - Ad-Aware now allows developers to expand the functionality of the program by the creation of plug-ins.
[/list]Ad-Aware is available in three versions: [url=""][color="red"][b]Ad-Aware Free Anti-Malware[/b][/color][/url], [url=""][color="red"][b]Ad-Aware Plus Internet Security[/b][/color][/url], and [url=""][color="red"][b]Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security[/b][/color][/url]. Ad-Aware Free users will benefit from our proactive malware removal tool, allowing you to effectively combat today's toughest threats - including spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and more - with the advancements to our detection technology. Plus and Pro users will have advanced Internet security, with "triple threat" protection against viruses, spyware, and rootkits. For a complete feature list for the Free, Plus and Pro versions of Ad-Aware, please take a look at the [url=""][color="red"]Lavasoft Support Center[/color][/url] by following these three steps:

1. Log-in to the Support Center and download Ad-Aware from the download link option in the "My downloads" menu.
2. Start the installation. The previous version will be automatically uninstalled before installing Ad-Aware.
3. Ad-Aware will recognize your previous license information and the Plus or Pro features will be activated automatically when the program is started.[/quote]

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