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Ad-aware SE freezes comp when running scan

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when the scan hit around 84,000 files scanned it freezes my whole computer up,

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have uninstalled ad aware SE and reinstalled.

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when the scan hit around 84,000 files scanned it freezes my whole computer up,

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have uninstalled ad aware SE and reinstalled.



I am running into a similar problem since I updated the definitions.

When I run Ad Aware it sees two critical files and then reboots the

computer! I have run other anti-virus software and removed and

re-installed Ad Aware. I sent a message to someone (I hope) at

Lavasoft about this. I have been using a free download and was

considering buying the real deal but until this issues get cleared up

I'll just be in the neighborhood!

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There have been several posts on this issue recently. Here is LS CalamityJane's complete list of suggestions for the Freezing issue:

Here's my list of known steps to try for Adaware Freezing issues.


The issue with Spwseeper has been resolved - it had previuosly caused all kinds of problems when run at the same time as Ad-Aware. The latest download of Spysweeper (v5.0.7.1608) was released recently by Webroot to fix the Ad-Aware freezing problem



If that isn't it, try these various steps.


First, do a disk cleanup to clear the browser cache and other unnecessary files.


Go to Start > Run and type in the box: Cleanmgr

Wait while Windows scans your system for files to delete.

Make sure these 3 are checkmarked and press *ok* to delete them.


Temporary Files

Temporary Internet Files

Recycle Bin


If you are still having a problem, there can be a number of reasons for this issue. Please try these steps next to see if any resolve the problem.


From the Ad-Aware FAQ


Q: Ad-Aware freezes while performing a scan.


A: There are a number of possible reasons behind this problem. To correct:


* First, update to Build 1.06 and download the latest definition file if you have not done so.

* Second, it is highly recommended that you run a disk defragmentation on your computer, then a thorough “Check� or “Scan Disk� depending on your Windows version. Try scanning in safe mode .

* Third, start Ad-Aware scan from the Windows command line. Do as follows:

o Click "Start", then "Run". Next, type the text shown below (including the quotation marks and with the same spacing as shown) for your version of Ad-Aware SE:

"C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Professional\Ad-Aware.exe" /full +procnuke

"C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Plus\Ad-Aware.exe" /full +procnuke

"C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\Ad-Aware.exe" +procnukep

o Click “OK�.

o Note: The path above (between the quotes) is the default location of Ad-Aware SE. If you installed your Ad-Aware to a different directory, adjust the path accordingly. For Ad-Aware SE Personal, when the GUI launches, click “Start�, then “Full System Scan�. Click “Next�, then “OK�.

o When the scan is complete, select “Next�. In the “Scanning Results� window, select the "Scan Summary" tab. Check the box next to each "target family" you wish to remove, then click “Next�, then OK�.


* If you still have problems , cancel before the scan reaches the point of stalling -- for example, after 20 objects are detected. Click “Cancel� on your log file. Remove any objects you want and rescan. Again, stop the scan before it reaches the point of stalling and remove any additional objects. Then try a full scan without stopping it. This should work for you now.


If still no joy, try these steps:


Ad-Aware Freezing Issue



Have you ruled out any virus or trojan infections? I would recommend an online scan at one of the following (do a full system scan). The reason for doing an online scan is that some infections will disable your Antivirus installed on your PC to hide it's presence.


If any infections are found, save the log from the scan and post it back here:

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner


(if prompted, please *allow* Active X and the install of software - this is needed to scan your system)

It will take a while to download the updates needed, and then you'll be presented with a screen to scan your system.


Ewido free online scanner



Trend Micro (PC-cillin) - Free on-line Scan



Panda's Active Scan




Let us know how you make out on all of the above, or if any of those steps resolve the problem.



Try the above steps aswell, however in the Lavasoft Support Forums > FAQ's > Ad-Aware SE > Technical section, there are the following Pinned Posts:

During An Ad-aware Scan, My Computer Restarts... What Is Wrong?

During an Ad-Aware scan, I get a bluescreen and my computer restarts, what is wrong?, bluescreen, blue screen, bsod

Computer shuts down with Message: System shutdown initiated by ....


Should either of you still experience problems after following these steps, please start your own new Topic in this forum section: HijackThis Logs

IMPORTANT - Before Posting a HijackThis Log

Instructions on creating a HijackThis Log


Please be as specific as possible in the Topic Title, and place a link back to this post in the new Topic (copy and paste the address of this post) to assist the expert log readers.


Posts are answered from oldest to newest, so please be patient and do not 'bump' your post - they will get to you as soon as they can :)





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