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Ad-Aware 8.2 problem

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Dear all,

We have had reports that when trying to run a scan (smart, profile or full) that you may encounter the following error:

[i]"Ad-Aware was shut down unexpectedly and has generated an error report.
By sending the error report to Lavasoft you can help us identify the problem and fix it. Click ok to send the report (no other information will be sent) or cancel if you prefer not to send it."[/i]

If so, then please do [b]send the error report to Lavasoft.[/b]

As to a resolution, here is an official reply from Lavasoft:

[quote name='LS laleh' post='116789' date='Feb 17 2010, 08:13 AM']Dear Ad Aware users

Thank you for your posts in here and informing us about this issue.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We are currently addressing this issue from the reports you have sent through the Error Box.[/quote]

Currently, there there may be one workaround to this problem and that is to disable the critical area scan. However, if you are uncomfortable with that (I would be), then my recommendation is to uninstall Ad-Aware 8.2 and revert back to 8.1.2 (which will update itself to Ad-Aware 8.1.4). However, [b]I must stress this is [i]my[/i] opinion and not necessarily the view of Lavasoft[/b].

[u]To revert to Ad-Aware 8.1.4[/u][list]
[*]Uninstall Ad-Aware 8.2 via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel
[*]Download Ad-Aware 8.1.2 from [url="http://filehippo.com/download_ad-aware/6709/"]Filehippo[/url]
[*]Save the installer to your dekstop and, once downloaded, run the file.
[*]Allow Ad-Aware to update to version 8.1.4 but do not update to 8.2 even if prompted.
[*]Keep an eye on these forums for a fix to 8.2 and, once released, please then update back to 8.2.x
[/list]Please bare in mind that a fix may be released quickly and so you will spend quite some time uninstalling/installing. [b]You may wish to wait for an update to 8.2[/b]. If you have any questions about this please start a new topic in the forums and remember [b]send you crash reports[/b], Lavasoft are looking into them.

Casey Edited by casey_boy

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[quote name='casey_boy' post='116801' date='Feb 17 2010, 04:27 AM']my recommendation is to uninstall Ad-Aware 8.2 and revert back to 8.1.2 (which will update itself to Ad-Aware 8.1.4). However, [b]I must stress this is [i]my[/i] opinion and not necessarily the view of Lavasoft[/b].[/quote]
Apparently, Lavasoft Support is recommending a temporary downgrade to 8.1:

[quote name='jjr' post='116849' date='Feb 17 2010, 12:49 PM']I did just renew my license though. Lavasoft support just wrote me back saying that they are aware of the problem and on top of it. In the meantime they told me to uninstall 8.2 and reinstall 8.1. Below if there reply.

We are aware of this issue, it has been reported to our developers and they have prioritized it.

We will hopefully have it resolved shortly.
In the meantime, please uninstall the current version of Ad-Aware and install the previous one instead:
When a fix for this issue is released, it will be announced in the Support Center blog at Lavasoft.com.[/quote]

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[quote name='LS Erin' post='116945' date='Feb 19 2010, 06:08 AM']Following this week's release of version 8.2 of Ad-Aware, Lavasoft became aware of an issue with scanning that affected a limited number of our Ad-Aware users. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or concern this may have caused. Lavasoft's developers prioritized this issue in order to promptly resolve it, and a software update to fix the issue has now been released. Additional information is available on [url="https://secure.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/blog/adaware-82-update"]Lavasoft's Support Center Blog[/url].[/quote]



8.2.1 Update to Ad-Aware
by Kim on March 18th, 2010.
Today we released an update to Ad-Aware that includes the following:

* Improved whitelisting for Ad-Watch.

In cases where Ad-Watch detectes files or processes as being suspicious, but users want to run the software anyway, Ad-Watch now has improved whitelisting capabilities, allowing these users to make exceptions for these programs.

* Ad-Watch Files turns itself off when incompatible software is found.

Incompatibilities between the Ad-Watch Files module, introduced in 8.2, and similar functionailty in other security software has caused some systems to freeze up.
This functionality looks for incompatible software and deactivates the Ad-Watch Files module if it detects any on the user´s computer.

To retrieve this update, click the Webupdate button in Ad-Aware or from the Start Menu in All Programs->Lavasoft->Ad-Aware->Ad-Aware Updates Edited by visitor

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