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Marius Cheek

Why can't I resize the main user window?

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I have had to change the Dpi setting for my display just to see the "Go to advanced settings" button at all!!! I know AdAware is very effective at what it does - one of the very best by all accounts. It is such a shame that Lavasoft seem to think that I'll put up with an uncomfortable display simply because their product is so critically acclaimed.

I can't just leave it running without being able to control it properly, and I won't be leaving my screen on the setting that lets me see what it's doing at the expense of my eyesight!

I will be deactivating AdAware after this post (I only joined the forum to see if there was a fix for this problem, as there aren't any others I can see).

Right now I am very thankful that I didn't get the paid-for version, which I was going to buy if the free version did a good job.

Well done Lavasoft, you lost a potential customer. I will be warning all my friends of this stupidly annoying oversight on your part to make sure they don't inadvertently shell out money for a bucketload of annoyance.

I will be checking back to see if the problem's been fixed from time to time, but I'm sorry, it's just unuseable for me now.

Nice product, but just too blasted annoying for words!!!!!

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