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Ad-Aware update problem with 8.2.2

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[b]Here is a response from Lavasoft regarding the update issue to Ad-Aware 8.2.2[/b]

[quote]The problems with AAW 8.2 mostly relate to the File protection having conflicts with other AVs and also being more demanding on resources in general (which affect low spec systems). However, these should be Plus and Pro users and can receive help via:

Anyway, the update issues are related to the symptoms of getting a slow system and/or crashing AAW application. The user just don't get to that stage where the update to 8.2.2 finishes.
So the only resolution that really works is:[list=1]
[*]Uninstall 8.2 completely (to reset the system to a normal state: not slow)
[*]Then reinstall. Even though the installer is 8.2 the updates to 8.2.2 will be included in the installation. The Ad-Aware installer always checks for updates (and downloads and applies them) before initializing the service and other AAW processes for the first time.
[*]Then Ad-Aware will advise that File protection will be turned off if another incompatible AV is running.
[*]Problem fixed?
[/list]If this procedure is still not working, please report this here and we will address the issue. New installer is not the answer though since the uninstall and reinstall procedure would be required anyway and basically be the same. Any bugs and compatibility issues would be our focus.[/quote]

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