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MS Outlook problem

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MS Outlook problem:

Not sure if this is the proper thread to post this at, but I'm miffed at Lavasoft for the buggy free edition, and not making easy to just email a complaint/report to their technical people. I couldn't find a reference to this problem in doing a 'search' on the Lavasoft forums.

The problem is every time Outlook is shut down this message appears twice:
"The properties of the message <message> have been changed. Do you want to save changes to this message?"

It seems to select messages at random. I deleted the first email message that this error came up for and the next time I shut down Outlook another message was selected. On researching the source of the problem I found many people are experiencing the same thing and some have learned that Ad-aware is the source. I'm using Outlook 2007, but it has also been reported for 2003.

The problem seems to have started with a recent Ad-aware update. Other symptoms include Outlook's CPU usage spiking to over 90% and thousands of .tmp files entered in the temp folder. I didn't read or save any of the temp files but this Outlook issue is the only recent anomaly in my system's performance.

The email scanner feature in Ad-aware was not enabled.

All symptoms disappeared when I uninstalled Ad-aware with Revo Uninstaller, getting rid of all residual register entries and files. The CPU usage is back to 0% for Outlook when it is idle.

I wasn't thrilled with Ad-aware's performance in detecting malware and this problem doesn't compel me to buy the full version at all. :)

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Did you also disable the email scanner in Outlook add-ons? Try that, and see if you can uninstall it in add/remove programs (if you have other computers with Ad-Aware still installed). Lavasoft recently said they plan on discontinuing this feature, but no ETA on the next version release without it.

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