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Problem with uninstall Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 8.1

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I have problem with your program. :(
When I installed Ad-Aware and after it would not turn on and I get pissed off. -_-
Nothing helped to run this and finally I wanted to uninstall Ad-Aware but this is happening when I want to delete program:
Please help me! ;(

PS: "Nie można odnaleźć określonego pliku." means "Can't find the file specified."
PS2: And I installed program when I had Kaspersky Antivirus 2011.After this, when I turned on computer in the hope that eventually will turn Ad-Aware, Kaspersky does not involve and uninstalled Kaspersky and right now I can not install Kaspersky from scratch, and Ad-Aware does not want to uninstall. Edited by Cross

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Hi Cross,

You can try the different methods mentioned in the similar topic [url=""][/url]

I have moved the topic from the forum "General support" to "Old versions and other Lavasoft products - Ad-Aware 8.*".

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