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AD-Aware IS install, corrupted my computer/SpyWareBlaster...!

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My first install of AD-Aware Internet Security Trial corrupted my computer, because the installer wanted to [b]Quick[/b] uninstall SWB during installation (started uninstall)!-
To uninstall SWB [u]Properly[/u]- You [u]Must First[/u] disable all protection, then run the uninstaller/Restart Now, or[u] thousands[/u] of definitions/registry... get orphaned...!

AD-Aware installer would not let me Cancel the installation, and manually uninstall SWB (please make this change!).
I had to disable AD- Aware install in Process Explorer (Task Manager).

I then uninstalled SWB (probably should have rebooted first?), and SWB had weird messages on Restart Now (should have uninstalled again, but I didn't realize SWB was back in/no desktop icon).

I then ran the AD-Aware installer again, and no SWB warning message- On Reboot Win 7 flag said no AV was installed!
So far It's fast, but don't like the [u]Slow update[/u] downloads (you need to get a fast USA server, if you ever want it to catch on!).

Acronis 2010 to the Rescue, and Ad-Aware installed OK this time after 1days undates... :)

-My question?- Can I Now reinstall SWB (It's not active, just definitions/registry)?

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Hello scottls1

I am not sure how installing Ad-Aware could cause this to happen. It is our policy at Lavasoft not to uninstall our competitors products, as we realize that some of our users like to have multiple layers of detection. So, I can assure you, there is no functionality in Ad-Aware intended to do this.

But in answer to your question, you should be able to install SWB without any issue, and use both our products.

Kindest Regards,
Jeff - Lavasoft

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