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Problems with new Ad-aware software.

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I ahve used the free versions of Ad-aware for many years without any problems. I recently recieved update that a new version was available and decided to update to the paid Personal version. After downloading the software I have had nothing but problems, my laptop freezes and becomes unusable the only way out was to do a restore system to before the download. I emailed Lavasoft but recieved nothing back from them. Yesterday I tried again and had the smae problem so I have removed Ad-aware from my system. Has anyone else had the same or similar problems? Has anyone had any info from Lavasoft? Has anyone any solutions?

I ahve a Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop running Windows 7 64 bit. There is plenty of available memory and I have not had any problems with any other software.


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Hi bedlam49,

Do you have another antivirus or similar program installed?
Which day did you email Lavasoft?

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Solution to HANGED/FROZEN on boot on fresh adaware install
The new Adaware Software I downloaded yesterday completely Froze Hung my PC. Main Sympton was a hourglass on the command line and Cntl-Alt-Delete would not work. I left it on for 10 hours and had a blank desktop with no icons and still frozen.
As the PC comes up it freezes and becomes competely frozen - but you have about 15 seconds if you are quick.

I qualify this by saying I have a firewall, HOST's File and ESET installed.

You have about 20 seconds from boot to do stuff.
1) Press <Winkey> <R> (this runs a command)
3) Under the Tabs, untick all adaware startup services, and under startup tab too.
4) May need a few go's to get this done.

Now adaware is de-fanged - and we wait until the backroom boys study deadly embraces and why it is NOT returning control to the operating systems and or breaking interrups and or scheduler - and come up with a fix.

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Hi ethernet,

Your problems were due to conflicts between Eset and Ad-Aware 10, you would get the same type of problems if you first had only Ad-Aware 10 without any issues and then installed Eset. Ad-Aware 10 has full real-time protection while Ad-Aware 9 Free only has a limited real-time protection, which usually works together with other antivirus programs. Even if LS Digger Barnes' explanation about possible conflicts with other security programs in the post [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...ndpost&p=125582[/url] is written for Ad-Aware 9 Pro, the principle is still the same. A more technical explanation is written in [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...post__p__136994[/url] by LS Andy.

It is easier to start Windows in Safe mode and disable the automatic start of services and processes, or even uninstall Ad-Aware 10, than using a 20 second time period to do it.

At the moment I recommend you to stay with Ad-Aware 9.6, which can be downloaded from FileHippo. For the future see the post [url=""]http://www.lavasofts...post__p__137027[/url] by LS Andy.

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