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Ad-Aware SE Enterprise doesn't work; no support.

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Ad-Aware SE Enterprise doesn't work; no support.


Ad-Axis Console and Ad-Aware Server cannot view AA Clients!


September 6, 2006


Almost a year ago (based on success with the free product), I purchased the minimum 10 node license of Ad-Aware Enterprise, with 2 additional years of support, downloaded the pieces, installed and tried to use them as a managed, network, anti-spyware solution on several of the Windows XP Pro Dell Optiplex 260 fast ethernet computers I maintain. Carefully read all the available instructions, enabled every optional Windows component that might help, opened up ports 10020 and 10010 in the Windows SP2 Firewalls (or turned Firewalls off), etc., but always, the same useless results:


All pieces install cleanly: Ad-Aware SE Pro, Client software and Ad-Axis Management Console. On each machine, SE Pro runs fine by itself. On one, the Console loads OK and allows an AA Server to be created and run on the same PC; even connects to that Server, which starts up fine.


However, the only client the Console can find is the one on the same PC and the only thing it can show about that client is its AA Server connection. No error messages.


SE Pro and Client running on OTHER computers on the same TCP/IP segment and in the same Workgroup are NOT found, registered or manageable from the one Console machine. No errors shown. All IP addresses are known and I can ping them all.


Twice wrote a detail request for Lavasoft support through the Lavasoft.com Technical Inquires form, but never heard back. That was a year ago.


This past month, I again downloaded the latest product pieces, thinking that maybe this had been fixed, and again went through all the steps above through many attempts, this time on brand new Dell Precision 380’s….and again with the same useless results:


Over a network, the Lavasoft Ad-Axis Management Console, Server and Client DO NOT WORK! Only the standalone versions are useable, so don’t bother with the Enterprise bundle.


And this will be my third attempt at getting someone at Lavasoft to even respond.


In posts to the Lavasoft Forum, I see that Tom Ferratt posted the same problem on May 4, 2006 and again June 28, 2006, both times with NO SOLUTION OR REPLY from the mythical Lavasoft support person. No answer to his “Technical Inquiries� form on the Lavasoft Web site, either.


Anyone else going through this futile waste of time and money?

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