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Ad-Aware Toolbar

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I wanted the toolbar but I dont want the Blekko search tab when I click "newtab" in Firefox.


I understand that is not possible. So I need to uninstall the tool bar. Sorry to see it go.


However Lavasoft are misleading people





3. Double-click Add or Remove Programs and find Ad-Aware Antivirus on the list of programs installed on the computer.

4. Right click on Ad-Aware Toolbar and then click uninstall.


There is no "Ad-Aware Toolbar". Its not called that. Its called "Ad-Aware Security Add-on". I was insure whether or not It was safe to uninstall that. I did it and the toolbar and blekko went. But I don't know what else I lost?


What did I lose?


Anyway the info needs to be updated because I can see many users being too timid to uninstall the "add-on" and the "Ad-Aware Toolbar" entry does not exist in Control Panel so they are misleading customers. One wonders if they feel more customers will keep it when they can't follow the insctructions?

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Hi GarryJones,


Thank you!

I will inform my contact person at Lavasoft that the FAQ needs an update. The FAQ is correct for at least Ad-Aware 10.0, but the entry got a new name in a later version, probably to be more correct, since the "search tab" hardly counts as a toolbar.

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Thanks for the reply. However I do wonder what else I lost. I really would quite like to have the toolbar. But when I click "new tab" in firefox I do not want the blekko search tab, I want the standard firefox set up. It would appear the "search tab" IS the toolbar in the respect that you can't have the toolbar one without it.


I am just curious to know why they would insist on changing my "firefox new tab" if I want their toolbar. An explanation would be nice as they COULD provide the option of "I don't want ANYTHING from Blekko" when I install their program.

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You are welcome :)


Sorry, I can't answer what else you loose when uninstalling the toolbar, but protection in the Ad-Aware program is working as usual. That is at least my experience after using Ad-Aware without installing the toolbar.


I guess, it's the same program file that is handling the toolbar and the blekko search tab, since the toolbar is using the blekko search engine.

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