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Repitative Popup on 10.4 Pro to upgrade to 10.4

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I have an activated, registered Pro Security with the latest update Pro was installed about December 12. Previous Total Security was fully uninstalled. Running on windows 7, 64 bit, also kept updated. All Ad-aware functions enabled. Both check boxes set to minimize, not close. It is working just fine except:


Two problems

1) multiple times a day the main menu screen occurs, (not the corner update installed slider which is also annoying.) That main menu at the bottom in orange warns an updated version is available. If I click it, I get a screen wanting me to buy Pro Security - which I already have and am running. Attached a shot of the relevant section.


2) Identity protection (now) does not exist activated according to that main screen and is not active. Yet I get emails informing me of credit change/inquiry because I did enable it on install.


Final note: I have 10 seats of licenses on 2 accounts - and as far as I can tell, this is the only computer this is occurring upon.


Thanks for any expert assistance.


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Hi Assignor,


1) You don't have the latest update, since that is 10.4.49.xxxx.


2) Since you have bought the product, you can use the Lavasoft support instead of this forum with volunteers:

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