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Completely Removing Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT

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I would appreciate any help in removing this terribly annoying virus - Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT


I have the latest and most up to date version of AdAware free - I have run the scan, found the virus, and removed it. However, once the computer restarts, I have to remove it again - obviously it is not gone. I reviewed the topics I could find on this forum but couldn't find something fully applicable and via a google search I found some processes to remove but not from sites I would trust (poor English being my main red flag).


The main symptoms I see are:

- Firefox and IE not working properly

- Links going to sites which are not the links shown and to different sites via the same link



- I use a flash drive to save scanned documents (ignore why my wireless printer doesn't work in sending the files directly to my computers)

- On the flash drive the other day, I clicked a file to save to my computer from the flash/ thumb drive and that is what, I think, caused the virus to infect my computer - the tricky virus had turned all the PDFs on the flash drive to .exe files of the same name and I clicked before noticing (ugh - clever jerks).

- The flash drives (2 of them) are still infected and my plan is to just throw them out as I have others (open to suggestions)


Long story short - how do I get this trojan permanently off my computer?

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