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My iTunes 11.03 generates Adware Installer warning, during Backup of iPad

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Good morning!


Thank you for your kind words :blush:

It's not perfect Swedish but good and understandable.


Well, Andy is the one that has to check with the development team, since I'm not employed by Lavasoft.

Oops, I made you blush. :)

I'm glad my translation wasn't unintentionally 'insulting', and the translation program worked well enough to understand my thoughts correctly. It was an App on the iPad ;)

I ultimately removed that App, when I realized switching the translated text back-and-forth to test the accuracy of it, made it come-out completely different. Oops! HaHa!

Lucky for me, I just used the first translation.


It seems Andy was monitoring this thread, and has replied to my post to you, about the idea, so now I'll answer his to me. :)

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HI Robsav,


We have no plans to build anything like this, but I can add it to the ideas list anyway. It may be that enough people to make it worthwhile building would find it useful. Thanks for your suggestion!





Lavasoft Malware Lab

Hi Andy, ... Your reply to my post about this idea, is the first step to creating it. :)


Do I understand your last statement as meaning, if enough people show they're interested in having such an App, LavaSoft will consider making it?


If so, I'm very happy to have suggested it.

If not, it's OK ... As I stated to CeciliaB, I really didn't expect LavaSoft to 'jump' into making it, just because I ask for it. ;)


With that said, ... How soon will it be ready for download?

(just joking) HaHa!


Thanks for replying to it. I know you're very busy doing your job, so to even take the time to reply to this is really special to me.


I will say this, in hopes it will influence LavaSoft to make it ... NOTHING like this is available for ANY of the Apple iDevices, or even any of the other mobile devices from other companies.


So LavaSoft will have all of the 'market-shares' if it's made by them.

***just a thought*** ;)


(it's just so much fun to come to this site, and speak to you all. So professional, so kind, and helpful. Thank you all for that joy)

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