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Problems with Ad-Adware Total backup feature


I'm unable to back up my files on the Ad-Adware Total Security site, so after two weeks of back and forth with support staff here what I find:
You can still buy Ad-Adware Total Security but it doesn't have the features advertised on the web site!
I purchased a three year subscription and now they tell me sorry you're screwed.
Below is the latest response from the support staff: red = support staff, black = my responses
Dear Mr. _____

Thank you for the reply.

Ad-Aware Total Security is a program for protecting computer from getting virus. Online backup was available within this program, (Your web site is still showing Online back up as a feature) but the current Total Security version does not have definition updates, that is why we recommend you to use Ad-Aware Pro instead. So to sum it up; Total doesn't have Online back up or definition updates and cost more than Pro?

Backup feature is not available now. on what? Pro or Total? Both? Any Lavasoft product?


Wow, I just can't understand what is going on? I paid for Ad-Aware Total for the web storage feature (it cost more than Ad-Aware Pro) and now you tell me feature isn't available so I should be happy with Pro? Does this sound a like consumer fraud to you?

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Hi GoldToyBox,


I recommend that you contact the support team again and ask for a refund, specially if there are no definition updates, since the product is useless without that.



Note that you can get more than 1 GB free web storage from several companies, e.g. Dropbox, Sugarsync, Box.

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Dear GoldToyBox,


We really apologize for any misunderstanding.


Lavasoft Total Security does include the backup option. Recently Lavasoft experienced temporary difficulties with Total Security, but now everything should work ok, including the backup feature.


If you contnue having the difficulty, please contact the support team



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