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John M65

Scanning Cookies with Ad-Aware

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I am a beta tester for Ad-ware 11. This version is improving as time goes by. Yesterday one of the beta testers posed a question about cookies. Basically does version 11 scan cookies from other browsers? The answer was Ad-Aware only scans IE for cookies! see answer in red.


"Thank you for the post.

Yes, currently Ad-Aware scans only IE cookies. The cookies of other browsers are not scanned.


Ann - Lavasoft QA"


I use Firefox except where it is necessary to use IE.


I did not know about this deficiency. It may have been address in previous threads but since the user’s manual does not mention any information about scanning cookies from IE or for that matter any browser I doubt if it has been covered.


I am very disappointed in this limitation as I have licensed As-Aware until July 2015. The only positive is that I use CCleaner which removes all cookies except those you have placed in a safe list. I run this application multiple times a week… it has other great advantages.


If I stop allowing cookies then my browser experience will be less than adequate.





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Hi John,


I have configured my Firefox to never accept cookies from 3rd party (but other cookies), and there are never any tracking cookies listed when I let Firefox display all cookies. I haven't noticed that the setting would have any impact on the web pages or the browsing in another way. You can also black- and white-list cookies directly in Firefox instead of in CCleaner.

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Hi again,


I have now talked to Ann and it's the same in Ad-Aware 10. This is due to that not only are the cookies in Firefox stored in only one file, but it's in a database file which can't easily be read, and it would be dangerous to make any changes in it. Removed since it might be wrong.


Note that cookies are small text files and never dangerous for the computer, even if I agree that it's nice to remove the type of cookies that are tracking cookies now and then. No need to remove other cookies.

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