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Thorn52, Splitted topic - 'Publishing' issues during installation


I've been having issues with trying to install v11 since it came out. I gave up after the constant 'couldn't install updater' occurred. Today I got a new alert that it had a new version (the reboot of v11) again so I thought I'd try it. It got so far as to uninstall v10, I did the reboot and it started to install, then got an almost immediate 'installation error' try again. So I clicked on the installer program again and it started installing... and never finished. So I closed it and restarted it and sat and watched to see what it was doing. It seems to be looping on the installation steps. It runs through a bunch of steps really quickly, I see a couple so-quick-I can't-see-what-they-are popups in the top left corner, then it comes to the 'publishing product information' part. It runs fairly quickly through that, then the bar goes grey, and it starts again, but very slowly (still on publishing...). For the first few times it did this, it would finally get to the end and the previous steps would run quickly through again until it hit publishing. It did this numerous times until finally it stopped moving as it was going through the slow run and I just closed it.


I'm not at all happy that not only did it not install, but it left me without v10 protection even. Here is everything you've asked for in the troubleshooting guide:


Ad-Aware 11.zip



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Hi thornn52,


Thank you for the logs.


There are two left-overs from Ad-Aware 10 that maybe disturbs the installation. Please, uninstall them:


Right-click My Computer and select Manage.

Find the Device Manager in the left column.

Select View menu - Show hidden devices.

Expand Non-Plug and Play Drivers in the middle column.

Find the gfibto driver.

Right-click it and select Uninstall.

Repeat for the gfiark driver (if listed).


Restart the computer.

Check if the drivers still are listed. If they are, please repeat the uninstallation.


There are some loaded modules that are parts of Spybot S&D. Please, uninstall that program and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to be sure that they don't disturb the installation of Ad-Aware. It should be possible to install MBAM after the installation of Ad-Aware according to Malwarebytes, I don't now what Safer-Networking says about the combination of Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D.


If Ad-Aware Browsing Protection still is installed, please uninstall it.


Restart the computer and try to install Ad-Aware 11 again, please.


If you still can't install Ad-Aware, please collect and upload a new set of logs.


P.S. When you have answered, I'll move all posts about your issue to a new topic since you don't have the same error message as Stryken.

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