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What's Needed in 11? No Anti-Virus Option, Maxthon Support, and Intelligence/Database Sharing


I as many thousands of others including personal and business users, both free and potential customers, would like a stand-alone Ad-Aware. That is #1 priority. Below is more suggestions for you to take into serious consideration and implement, please.



Please add support to your wonderful product of Lavasoft Ad-Aware support for protection against spyware within all web browsers including a new wonderful and evolving web browser called Maxthon, in which its site is located at http://www.maxthon.com - the browser is also making use of its own [virtual] Cloud, allowing users to never lose track of their information or websites they've visited so long as they have a Maxthon Passport.
I am a web developer myself as well as a "tech junkie" since 2000. I have been using Maxthon for years and this program is perfectly harmless and actually one of - if not THE BEST - web browser I have ever used. There are so many features and settings that you can adjust as well and it's perfect for developers and regular web surfers alike.
Please, also update Lavasoft Ad-Aware. If possible as well, maybe it can share databases with safer-networking.org and other databases that are constantly and freely updated in which you can find online with the simple search of Bing or Google. There are also sites in which list known bad sites including advertisement publishing companies and companies that advertise pop-ups that automatically play Flash, Java, and deliver Spyware as well as automatically download things.
I am trying to avoid using Google from now on as well in which is why I mentioned Bing as the first search engine above. Bing has really improved and doesn't collect information like Google does nor peak inside or advertise in every aspect of your life. Like Microsoft's Live.com is amazing as well as Outlook.com and SkyDrive.com where you can email with no ads and no privacy concerns as well as SkyDrive, where they offer what Google similarly offers but with privacy in mind and their web-based applications are a LOT more elite. They actually have Microsoft Word that you can use in your browser - you'll never have to buy another Microsoft software product again, really, unless it's Windows in which typically comes pre-installed with most PCs. Spread the word about Microsoft, Bing, Live, Outlook, SkyDrive, and its services, especially in terms of usefulness and better privacy protection whereas Google has failed and reads our emails.
I would also love for it to be an all in one, to detect Spyware, Malware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, and so on. As stated above, there are sites with such databases that are constantly updated that you can use. Please look into it.
It would also be a nice feature for it to actually work inside the browser to avoid spyware from being exposed to any PC for that matter, securing people browsing the web while they're browsing the web or idle, especially from annoying advertisements and pop-up ads.
Please consider this and definitely change the name to Lavasoft Ad-Aware, without the version number - it can be in the program when you open it and when you check for updates and when you click on About - keep it up to date, and add support for Maxthon. I hope that all my suggestions can really be of use.
* Furthermore, please extend LavaSoft-AdAware 10.x series, the series that was standalone without anti-virus. We all need it, including the business and corporate world.



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Essential Security Software for Windows: SpyBot Search & Destroy | Lavasoft Ad-Aware 9.x | Spyware Terminator 2012 | SpywareBlaster
Free, Most Effective Firewalls with AntiVirus: ZoneAlarm w/AntiVirus | LavaSoft Ad-Aware w/AntiVirus
We need to start using sites and databases that share blacklisted sites and programs for the security of ALL.


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I'll try to comment your suggestions etc. paragraph by paragraph.


What do you mean with that Ad-Aware 11 isn't a stand-alone product?


Ad-Aware 10 and 11 itself has protection against spyware, it isn't necessary to have an add-on in a browser for that.


Lavasoft participates in sharing of information between antivirus companies. Ad-Aware blocks many sites that are known for malware and similar things.


Ad-Aware, of course, detects spyware, ad-ware, trojans, viruses and other types of malware.


Ad-Aware has control of what you do inside all browsers, e.g. by blocking malicious web sites or stopping downloads of malicious files.


I guess that you mean that you want Ad-Aware 9 to be extended. Nowadays antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programs can't be distinguished. All so called antivirus programs discovers spyware and other types of malware, and all so called anti-malware programs discovers files that traditionally were discovered by antivirus programs. To be able to delete todays infections that goes deep into Windows, it's necessary for antivirus and anti-malware programs to have drivers on a low level. If two such drivers are installed, there is a chance that they will crash and cause conflicts in the computer, that's the reason why Ad-Aware 10 and 11 shouldn't be running together with another antivirus program, not the type of signatures that are used. But it's possible to install Ad-Aware 10 and 11 in compatible mode to be used as an on-demand scanner, when another antivirus program is installed.

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Thanks for your [haste] reply to my topic. :) There are simply and most importantly two main issues with the most current versions of Ad-Aware in which I really would suggest (as well as heavily advise and need myself) fixed. The third issue is a list of security programs I recommend running along Ad-Aware, as over the past 5+ years have saved much progress, development, memories, crashes, and fixed many exploits etc.


1.) Ad-Aware integration into today's web browsers would be awesome. I know that Ad-Aware offers realtime protection but the areas of concern are more IN-real-time protection, especially while surfing the web as that's where all of today's threats are coming from. Some type of add-on or plugin for today's most used and most popular web browsers would be of great use as well as really boost Ad-Aware's performance [and honestly, it's customer-base/sales as a business owner myself].




Now following with the above suggestion/statement, the Ad-Aware add-on/plugin module for the following web browsers would HAVE to stay up-to-date alongside the web browsers:


  • Google Chrome



  • Maxthon



  • Opera



  • Safari



  • FireFox



  • Internet Explorer



  • Avant *** OPTIONAL (as of this time, I am still looking into using this web browser, though it promises to be most lightweight and resource-free)



The list of web browsers above are listed in terms of their own security, ease of use for web surfers, ease of customization for developers, speed, popularity, and community support. Between Google Chrome and Maxthon, it's VERY hard to distinguish which web browser to put first so I just put Google Chrome first since more people are probably familiar with it, but Maxthon's user and developer base has been heavily growing and I honestly suggest trying out Maxthon and even so far as setting it as your default web browser (there are two versions of the web browser, one in which is stand-alone and another in which makes use of the cloud, basically allowing you to access sites or favorites just by logging into your Maxthon Passport.


* Maxthon is also much safer. Google tracks everything that we do. I especially hate being read my emails and having ads everywhere. Google's services are great, but their security is becoming a problem. There are times when all-in-one products are a good thing, but look at history, they fail. Stand-alone products and software is the best solution, however let's limit the solution's dilemma in the number of products and software by cooperation and choosing reliable, reputable, and secure products, software, and services for your needs. That doesn't mean you shouldn't/can't use Google for a number of services, just don't rely on such a company for all of your services/needs. It's INSECURE. ie: Use Outlook.com (or ymail.com which is by Yahoo) for email, SkyDrive for documents/presentations/spreadsheets/etc, and Bing for search, all of which are developed and maintained by Microsoft. Then you can use Google Voice, Hangout, or whatever services you want from them. And then have your web browser, all listed above which are open source of course (hint: try Maxthon), you can have your physically-installed software such as OpenOffice, as well as any other software or apps you need - including security software in which I dream one day, a dedicated network to the sharing of spyware, malware, trojans, viruses, and threats that all security software, its users, security experts, etc can add to and use in software updates - and of course your operating system. 64-bit is where it's at, and personally I like Windows 7 64-bit the best and most so far.


2.) Since Lavasoft has went so far to add an anti-virus engine into its system, please have the option for a stand-alone version of just Ad-Aware. This is why I am still using the 9.x series. I still get updates. It would be easy, from what I see, as the Ad-Aware has its own database for updates and checks and so does the anti-virus, its own database in which its engine checks and updates. Please, please do this for people like me and corporations. This has been holding me back as well as many business owners from making a purchase due to the combined version, and a lot of big/bigger companies like to have dedicated stand-alone products too. ie: McAfee just for their anti-virus, etc. And spyware and viruses Cecelia have NOT become one in the same but are constantly evolving. Speaking of McAfee, they do actually make a good anti-virus program with firewall but it does not detect what Ad-Aware detects and vice-versa, proving the need of stand-alone products. Who knows if its firewall is even as effective as stand-alone firewall companies/organizations, such as ZoneAlarm, in which I personally use as my firewall; THOUGH even ZoneAlarm has a combined package now, firewall with anti-virus.


As stated above, it's more secure and safer to use separate, dedicated software/products by dedicated organizations/companies. Ad-Aware, dedicated to adware. ZoneAlarm, dedicated to firewall. Etc.


3.) In regards to a dedicated network to share security database, it could be its own cloud, but a secure cloud, only accessible by trusted organizations and companies working together to build a database, such as and maybe starting with those recommended in my signature below.




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Essential Security Software for Windows: SpyBot Search & Destroy | Lavasoft Ad-Aware 9.x | Spyware Terminator 2012 | SpywareBlaster
Free, Most Effective Firewalls with AntiVirus: ZoneAlarm w/AntiVirus | LavaSoft Ad-Aware w/AntiVirus
We need to start using sites and databases that share blacklisted sites and programs for the security of ALL.
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@Web Be Safer,


1) There is an add-on to two of the three most used browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox, but Ad-Aware itself checks all traffic passing the network card and will stop malicious content on web pages, e.g. malicious Java code, there is no need for an add-on to do that.


2) Ad-Aware 11 is a stand-alone product. There is only one engine and one database in Ad-Aware 11 and it will find all types of malware.

Why don't you want Ad-Aware to discover viruses?


I'm sure that McAfee searches for spyware.


For those who wants to use another antivirus program, Lavasoft developed the on-demand scanner installation of Ad-Aware. But Lavasoft is trying to develop Ad-Aware to be among the best antivirus programs and then it would be better to use Ad-Aware as the main antivirus program and having McAfee or something else as a second opinion. But still too soon to have any test results from tests with Ad-Aware 11.


Firewall test results:



3) I don't know how Lavasoft and the other companies exchange information, I only know that they do.



Please, respect that this is a forum dedicated to Ad-Aware and not a place for discussion of browsers or other types of software.

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