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Have you been hacked. How to check. (It worked for me)


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Hi. Here's what CeciliaB said on another of my threads:


". . . . . . . .it's not a check if you have been hacked but if you have an account on one of those nine hacked web sites. But thanks for the tip."


I must confess that I was surprised at the speed of the check! But are you saying that somewhere there is a register of sites that have been hacked and that the register contains details of members of those sites and their email addresses?

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Hi taffy078,


Some groups of criminals hacked the web sites of the 9 companies listed on https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and got lists of email addresses and hashed (sort of encryption) passwords used to log in on those 9 sites. These lists were made public in underground web sites. The persons behind the haveibeenpwned.com collected the lists and entered the email addresses in a database and when you enter your email address on the web page, the program will check if the email address is in the database and in which list.


If your email address is found, e.g. in the Adobe list, you should log in on the Adobe site and change the password. If you have used the same password on other sites (in combination with the same email address), you should change the password on those sites, too.


More information about the hacking of the Adobe web site:





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