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Can't Restore "Moved" Files


I ran a scan and a trojan was identified. Afterwards I realized that the trojan was connected to an email in my .pst outlook file and that my entrire outlook was now gone. I have been trying without success to restore the file.


I accepted the suggested action and under the report results it says that 6 files were Quaratined.


Under the "Objects Detected" tab it says the Action Taken is "Moved"


But there is no option to select a box and restore the item as there usually would be if it were quarantined. How do I find the deleted pst file and restore the file?


You help is very much appreciated.

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Hi Jeffrey,


You have to be on the "Quarantined Files" tab to be able to restore files. See the manual on http://userguide.lavasoft.com/ad-aware11/Public/Default.aspx where you select "Home" - "Using Ad-Aware" - Scanning System" - "Quarantined Items" to the left. But note that the .pst file is only one file, and if you have six files in the quarantine, be sure that you don't restore malicious files.


If that doesn't help you, please let us see the log file from the scan.


To generate the log file, in the Ad-Aware GUI:

- Click "Scan Computer" on the left menu

- Click on "View Report List" link

- Click "Details" beside the report that contains the detected false positive

- Click "Download Report" and save the file to your desktop

--If you're not sure which report contains the FP detection info you can check individual reports by clicking "Details, then""Download Report", saving the report to the desktop and viewing it.


To upload the file, click on the "More Reply Options" button within your post and then the "Browse" button, navigate to the log file's location, select the file, click the "Open" button and then the "Attach the file" button.

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I have the same problem, and found out 'moved' mean 'quarantine',


So just look under quarantine option and look for the name of the file, you will see it.

But you of to exclude the folder the file belong to, else it will auto quarantined again,

then after that you can remove the folder exclusion and exclude the file by name

by browsing to it and select it, make sure you do that first before removing the folder exclusion.



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